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The revival of Downtown Houston's numerous high rise and loft projects, kicked off in the late 90s with the planned revival of downtown, is in full swing.

For the last several years, Houston has undergone a dramatic transformation not seen since the Allen brothers first set foot on the banks of Buffalo Bayou in the early 1800s and began working to establish the city we now know as Houston.

The legacy that they began has been preserved as many of Houston's historic buildings have now been remodeled or refurbished into residential lofts. Don't miss the opportunity to see some of the more noteworthy Houston loft projects today such as Bayou Lofts, Capitol Lofts, Franklin Lofts, Hermann Lofts, Keystone Lofts and St. Germain Lofts.

Dozens of new Houston real estate properties and hundreds of restaurants and shops have been added to the heart of the city, offering a unique downtown Houston living in beautiful lofts and condos.  Many of the commercial and residential buildings have been preserved and marked for historical significance in the area designated as the Historic District of downtown Houston.

Energized and bustling, downtown Houston is a center-point for a diverse mix of business, residential development and entertainment complexes. From the recently erected baseball stadium and basketball and concert arena to renovated theaters in the Theater District, the heart of Houston has it all.

The Bayou City boasts a gorgeous, silver-lined skyline, and features a handful of new office towers and plenty of renovated or refurbished buildings from the city's vibrant past. Houston city dwellers have available to them an evolving 90-block area in the historic district, which features clubs, restaurants, shops and parking near the doorstep of virtually all of them.  Call 713.558.2515 to tour a Houston loft or condo home today. Johnna Johnson, Realtor at Remax Top Realty, offers informative process rather listing or buying your condo or townhome. 



Bayou Lofts                                              Franklin Lofts                        Memorial Cove Lofts                         Washington Lofts


Briarglen Lofts                                         Gotham Lofts                         Metropolis Lofts                                The Westheimer


Captiol Lofts                                            Hermann Lofts                        Parc V Lofts                                       Memorial Lofts


Collective at Baldwin Park Lofts            Palazzo II                                 Post Rice Lofts                                 Robinhood Lofts


Eastside Lofts                                          Keystone Lofts                      The Renoir                                         Kirby Lofts


The Edge                                                  Lofts on Post Oak                  The Stanford                                     Montebello


The Empire Lofts                                     The Manhattan Lofts             The Tanglewood Lofts                     Palisade Palms


Park IV Lofts                                                



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