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A History of Katy Texas
by Susan DeVries Barwis

In the beginning it was only a wide open prairie, the hunting ground of the Karankawa Indian tribes, the winter feeding grounds of great herds of buffalo and large flocks of wild ducks, geese, sandhill and whooping cranes, and numerous other game birds, and home to longhorn cattle, deer, and wolves. 

If you had come in 1875 to live where Katy is today you would have found no town and no railroad. One family was here. Thomas and Mary Robinson had 200 acres of land on the Cane Island branch of Buffalo Bayou. They came in 1872. Fifteen years later, Peter Black andhis wife, Ophelia, bought land and moved out from Addicks. The families farmed quietly until 1895 when it seemed that a lot of people suddenly decided Cane Island, Texas would be a good place to settle. 

Why did this area seem to be a good place to settle? There are two main reasons for the early settlement of this area first called Cane Island. First: people wanted farm land. Second: The Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad was completed and it was easier for people to get to the area. It was also easier to get farm products to market. The city of Katy was named for the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad. 

What did the people find when they arrived? The arriving people found rich farmland The land was flat and seemed to, go on forever. The prairie was covered with tall, flowing grass as high as a man on horseback. 

Who came to settle the land? The first family of the 1895 group of new settlers arrived on Christmas Day in 1894. Mr. William Pitts, his wife Lella, and their three children came from the town of Pattison, Texas. In 1895 many more families came to find new farms and new lives. The Peeks came from Indiana and Iowa to farm and run dairies. The Stuarts and the Danovers came from Iowa. The Beckendorffs came from Pattison to farm. Mr. Cabiness came then too. He worked for the railroad as the depot agent. He also built a a lumberyard milled rice bought and sold the farmer's peanuts, and helped start the Apostolic Faith Church in 1905. 

One very important person to come this year was Mr. James Oliver Thomas, who came from Mississippi. He bought 320 acres of land and laid out the town site of Katy in 1895. Mr. Thomas set aside land-for two parks. One park on Cane Island Creek and the other was the town square. 

The year 1896 saw more arrivals including the Stockdick family, the Ruskeys, Mortons, and David Peter Franz, a watchmaker. Coming from Iowa, Mr. Stockdick was a real estate person who encouraged many more families to move from the northern areas to Katy. 

This was also the year that Katy is first listed in Washington, D.C. as having a post office. It is officially called Katy, Texas and Mr. J. O. Thomas was the Katy postmaster. The post office was part of his general store. 

The next year, 1897, saw the arrival of the Morrisons from Missouri, the Freemans from Iowa, and the Eule (Eye-lee) family from Germany. 

Mr. Eule is very special to Katy's history. He is the first person to raise rice in Katy. In 1897, the first year he grew rice, he used surface water from' the prairie. The second year he dug wells to irrigate the fields. The Eule family had a school in their home for their own children and the children of their neighbors. 

By 1898 Mr. Featherston had arrived. He was the first pastor of the: Katy Baptist Church. Dr. James Malcom Stewart was an important addition to the-settlement in 1898 also. He came from Tennessee with his new wife to start his medical practice. 

John Henry Wright, his brother, Wilbur, and their parents, also arrived this year. They drove their team of horses and wagon from Missouri. They were looking for a healthier climate for Wilbur. The family stayed to farm and later started a drug store. In 1904, Mr. S.H. Wright and Dr. Stewart formed a partnership. Mr. Wright opened a drugstore with Dr. Stewart's office next door. 

Two families arrived on the same train in 1900. Both families had moved from Germany to Iowa to farm. Looking for a better place they decided to come to Katy. The families' names were Schlipf and Weinman. They purchased farms north of town and there they settled. The Eule farm was nearby so the children went to school in the Eule home. Soon the classes were moved to the Schilpf home and then they were moved to the schoolhouse that was: built on the Schlipf land. Children attended the country school until it closed in 1918. 

All children living on the farms went to school at home, at a neighbor's house, or in a one room country school nearby. In 1918 all the children from the small farm schools were brought together in the town of Katy to start the Katy Independent School District. Children came from Cobb School, Schlipf School, Dishman School and Sills School. 

During this period many people raised rice. Others raised peanuts and cotton. Most families had their own gardens for fresh vegetables too. They sold the rice to others and raised potatoes for themselves to eat.

Katy ISD Schools

Katy ISD is a flourishing suburban school district that encompasses 181 square miles in east Texas. Its eastern boundaries stretch to Houston's energy corridor approximately 16 miles west of downtown Houston and extend along Interstate 10 to a few miles west of the city of Katy.

Every Katy ISD school provides students with facilities, equipment and materials that are among the state's best. > Complete list of schools in Katy Texas.

In the 2006-07 school year, the student enrollment has grown to more than 50,000 served by 45 schools including six high schools. 

Rated as a Recognized district by the Texas Education Agency, Katy ISD offers an outstanding instructional program with facilities, equipment and materials that are among the best in the state. 

* Based on data from 2005-2006 school year. Katy ISD is the fastest-growing school district in the Houston metro area and one of the fastest-growing in the state. Projections show a steady upswing throughout this decade, with total enrollment topping 83,000 by Fall 2015. 

Download the 2006-2007 Katy ISD Fact Sheet 


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La Centerra at Cinco Ranch
 in Katy offers top retailers and eateries including Chico's, Claire's Boutique, Talbots, Bath Junkie, Designs of the Interior, Gymboree, Nestle Toll House Cafe, and Jamba Juice.

Katy, TX 55+ Active Adult Retirement Communities


Something happened shortly after we moved to the Cinco Ranch® master-planned community in Katy, Texas. We became Cincoans. The Cinco Ranch community isn’t just the place where we live, it’s become our hometown. It’s ours. The minute we moved here, we felt like we belonged; our neighbors became our friends. As we go about our days - whether at work, running errands, or even running on the miles of trails, we feel connected to this place. It’s welcoming. It’s comfortable. And it’s a place that you can call home, too.

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