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Imperial Gardens is a neigborhood in Friendswood, Texas with a population of 273 people and a disproportionately large percentage of middle-aged adults (45-64) and retirees (over 65).

  • Imperial Gardens is predominantly Caucasian and people generally speak English at home.
  • The most common commute method is driving to work and the average commute length is 60 minutes.

    In Imperial Gardens, 98% of people are Caucasian. This is arelatively high percentage of Caucasians for Friendswood and Galveston County.

    African American

    Approximately 2% of Imperial Gardens's residents are African American, making it the second most common ethnicity.

    Imperial Gardens has a relatively low percentage of Hispanic residents compared to other neighborhoods in Galveston County. Furthermore, Imperial Gardens has a smaller percentage of Hispanic residents than both Texas, by 37.2%, and the United States, by 16%.

    The ACS defines the ethnonym Hispanic or Latino to refer to "a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.". Hispanics or Latinos can be of any race, ancestry, or ethnicity.


Slightly More Women


Women barely out-populate men in Imperial Gardens by 0.4%.


Compared to Galveston County


To put this in perspective, Imperial Gardens has a lowerpercentage of women and a higher percentage of men than Galveston County.


Compared to Texas


Taking a look at the big picture, Imperial Gardens has a lowpercentage of women and a high percentage of men for Texas.


The second most commonly spoken language in Imperial Gardens is Spanish, with 7.1% of households using it as the primary language.

Small Families

Most families in Imperial Gardens are classified as small, meaning they have two or three members. This means Imperial Gardens is agood representation of the family size for a typical sub-neighborhood in Galveston County.

Only people within the household who are related to the head of the household by marriage, birth, or adoption are considered family members. Additionally, a household may only contain one family for tabulation purposes.

Falling Sale Prices

The most recent median sale price for homes in the 77546 zip code was $208,122, indicating that sale prices tend to be higher in the 77546 zip code than in the rest of Galveston County, where the median sale price was $186,439. The median sale price in Texas was $182,500.

Sale prices in the 77546 zip code appear to be trending downward, as the median sale price in the area dropped 8.67%from the previous quarter. This is atypical for Galveston County as a whole, where the median sale price rose by 2.86%. The median sale price for Texas increased by 7.35% over this period

Rising List Prices

The most recent median list price for homes in 77546 was$284,579, indicating that list prices tend to be higher in 77546 than in the rest of Galveston County, where the median list price was $191,127. The median list price in Texas was $199,586.

List prices in 77546 are on the rise and increasing more quickly than they are across Galveston County as a whole. The median list price in 77546 increased by 18.88% from the previous quarter, compared to 3.54% growth seen across Galveston County.

The median list price for Texas increased by 4.64% over this period

Average Time on Market Remaining Constant

Compared to Galveston County as a whole, inventory in the 77546 zip code tends to sell more quickly. Last month, the typical home in the 77546 zip code sold after 7 weeks on the market, compared to 10 weeks for Galveston County. The average time on market for homes across all of Texas was 7 weeks.

Relative to last year, the average time on market remained roughly the same for homes in both the 77546 zip code and Galveston County as a whole.

Owning a Home Typically Costs Over $2,000

In Imperial Gardens, 52% of home-owners with a mortgage spend over $2,000 on selected home-owner costs per month. This is ahigher percentage than Galveston County and Texas.

Between $1,500 - $2,000

The next most common cost range for home-owners with a mortgage is between $1,500 - $2,000. Approximately 28.3% of Imperial Gardens's residents pay between $1,500 - $2,000 on selected home-owner costs every month.

Selected owner costs include payments for mortgages, deeds of trust, contracts to purchase, house debts, real-estate taxes, hazard insurance, utilities, fuels and monthly condominium fees (when appropriate).


Approximately 48.3% of Imperial Gardens's population has attained, at most, a Bachelor's Degree. Comparing Bachelor's Degree attainment is one of the best ways to compare education levels between places. Imperial Gardens has a significantly higher percentage of people with a Bachelor's Degree than Friendswood and Galveston County, which suggests that this is a very well educated sub-neighborhood .

Education statistics for Imperial Gardens only consider the 25 and older population.

Drives To Work

About 93.6% of the labor force in Imperial Gardens primarily drives or carpools to work. This proportion of people who drive to work is typical for a sub-neighborhood in Friendswood city, Texas.


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