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In these day’s financial difficulties, it is totally understandable why one would opt to live in a standard home. Nevertheless, if you’ve got the resources to swing into a better lifestyle living, then opt for it. A careful examination can let you know the many advantages and percks living high-rise style; unquestionably in!

High-rise living is entirely rewarding and several individuals will envy you. This type of impression would possibly be your main aim in this sort of lifestyle, however it is still necessary to talk concerning the advantages that go along this way of life. This kind of lifestyle is not just bragging off your standing, but it is also a means to a better, secured and comfortable life.

High-rise buildings are normally located in urban areas. Finding a good location is very important. Make sure that the place you choose is accessible to your office, college, restaurant, shopping malls, public transportation and different key areas to avoid wasting your time and fuel. Chances are you may simply spend sometime just walking to get to those places. If you add up all the transportation and also the rent expenses, you’ll notice that you’re really being more fruitful with a high-rise living.

You’ll save on your utility bills since the amount for the heating system, cable TV and the web are already included in your monthly rent. This way, you need not shoulder each expense. Though there are still condominiums that don’t have this sort of arrangement, you can attempt to speak to the management and obtain it at a lower cost.

Amenities also are within your reach. Most high-rise buildings have their own fitness centers to help you stay fit. Business centers also are on the area for your faxing, photocopying and numerous business needs. You simply do not have to worry about parking because a spot can be available for you and a round the clock security system. Relying on how big or little the condo development, you’ll be in a position to avail of different facilities like basketball court, athletic club, lighted tennis courts, playground, volleyball court, swimming pools, and jacuzzis among others. There also are those that have saunas, massage parlors, conference space, grocery and an automobile wash.

The place is well maintained thus you mostly have a healthy and clean environment while not getting stressed on how to handle pests as well as the garbage. High-rise buildings have exterior maintenance to let you unwind and relish the view of the landscaping that is maintained by the complex itself. In addition, you’ll spend less on insurance fees since high-rise condominiums have stricter building code implementations than the typical home.

A well-situated condo is the most effective real estate investment you can have. You will notice a remarkable appreciation in its price in a few years and mostly, it can remain constant. In the event you want to sell it, you’ll be able to do so without acquiring losses or sell it as much as fifteen to twenty percent additional than the value you invested on it. Nowadays, high rise living isn’t solely a status image, however, it is additionally considered a wise investment of a lifetime. Johnna Johnson, Realtor at Remax Top Realty offers an informative process rather listing of buying your luxury high rise home. Call Johnna Johnson today to start your process....



Tremont Towers                                            Timber Top                                 The Woodway

The Tealstone                                               The Spires                                    The Point

The Royalton                                               The Pedmont                                  The Oxford

The Mosaic On Hermann Park                       The Mercer                                    Memorial 

The Mark                                                    The Huntingdon                            The Houstonian

The Emeral By The Sea                                  The Edge                                      The Bristol

The Breakers                                                    Sussex                                       St. James

St. Germain                                                     San Luis                                  Regency House

Park Square                                                      Parc IV                                         Parc V

Palisade Palms                                              Montebello                                  Manhattan

Lemar Tower                                                   Palazzo II                            Kirby at River Oaks

Highland Towers                                              St. Clair                                Four Leaf Towers

Executive House                                             Endeavour                                     Empire

Cosmopolitan                                          Commerce Tower                                   Venti

Villa D'este                                                  Villa Serena                               Warwick Towers

Woodway Place Atrium                           Woodway Place II






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