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Florida Island      Johnna Johnson     Audrey Pena      EvaHernandez

    Marketing Assistant                                   Team Leader                             Office Manager                           Office Assistant                  

         713.558.25.15                                     713.558.2515                               832.200.5691                              713.558.2557


Johnna Johnson: negotiates, locates, and works hard to provide quality services to buyers, investors, and sellers. She handles all communication and showings until contract is executed. Johnna is able to provide personalized services for her listing to ensure sellers are informed on each stage.

Florida Island: works with clients in the beginning stages of communication until completion of information or forms needed to start the home buying or selling process.

Audrey Pena: works with clients in the execution stages to ensure process is successfull. She is also incharge of team finances and organization.

Eva Hernandez: builds websites, distributes leads, ensures clients request are recieved, sign placements, sign removals, and websites are activity and current with real estate information.






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